Answers To Your Pet Grooming Questions

1. How often should my dog be groomed?

Depends on the dog and of course, all dogs are different. But here’s the general rule:
Short-coated dogs with no skin conditions – can go 6 to 8 weeks between baths unless they get into something dirty or smelly.
Longer-coated dogs should be groomed every 4-6 weeks to make sure their hair doesn’t get matted and they’re not harboring insects or hiding skin conditions.

Certain haircuts require grooming more often to maintain their appearance. Some pets come in more regularly – weekly/bi-weekly or every 3-weeks. This gives owners a chance to take advantage of PAWS Bath & Brush Packages for a fraction of the cost.

2. My pet has tangled, matted hair and the more I bath him, the worse it gets. What’s the solution?

Mats and tangles occur naturally, more in some breeds with longer, finer hair. Regular (sometimes daily) brushing is required to prevent their build-up. Unfortunately, bathing without removing tangles first, results in a snowballing effect where the tangles turn to mats and get increasingly larger and tighter over time. Sometimes we can “de-mat” your pet to save the coat, but if the tangles are too deeply established, they have to be shaved or cut out. De-matting is uncomfortable for your pet and we will certainly share our professional opinion about your best options at the time of your consultation.

3. When should I take my puppy for her first grooming?

Sometime after your puppy has received all of her initial vaccinations (usually about 12 weeks old). Since our goal is to give her a positive experience, we suggest her initial session include a bath, hand drying and trimming the hair around her eyes, paws and anus only. If she enjoys herself, she’ll want to come back next time for more!

4. Does my dog require less grooming in the winter?

No. Actually, more frequent groomings are needed in the dead of winter to combat the negative affects of salt and snow on an animal’s body.

5. Do you take my dog outside during grooming?

No. Your dog’s safety is primary and we groom your dog safely and comfortably inside. Please remember to walk your pets before coming to the salon and to clean up after them.

6. Why does my dog sometimes “scoot” his rear on the floor?

This usually means your pet needs to have waste fluid squeezed from his anal glands. See your vet for this common procedure.

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